In October 2019, my husband and I took off on a grand adventure. We sold our home, weeded through our possessions and set off to tour America in our RV. I even had a sign made for our RV that said, “Let the adventure begin”. Now we jokingly say well,we didn’t exactly specify what type of adventure! Some of it was great and well other parts not.

Less than a few months later, Covid-19 and an unexpected family health crisis upended our plans. Storing our RV, we rented a home in Northern Nevada nearby family. In late January 2021, the atmospheric river event occurred… a tsunami of sierra cement. Snowbound. No snow shovel as we had donated or sold all of our lawn equiptment. There was another foot or two predicted that evening.

Suggesting to my husband that we pull our jeep out of the driveway to at least make some tracks, we opened the garage door. The driveway cleared! Not only had our driveway been plowed, but also up and down the street, as well as the sidewalk. Hunkering down for the next wave, in the morning we were greeted by another two feet of pristine snow. The flakes twinkled like prism colored diamonds in the crisp morning sunbeams. A hint of blue started to peek through the clouds.

Hearing the roar of a snowplow, my husband went outside. In a few moments, he entered the kitchen surrounded by a blast of arctic air. “It’s our next-door neighbor. He just got a new toy and likes to help the neighborhood.” We were deeply touched by this act of kindness. Our driveway would have been impassable with four feet of heavy wet snow. Later, we discovered our neighbor is a retired firefighter. Still helping others in need. Later, a knock on the door. It was our neighbor across the street. Her husband was out of town and her car was stuck in the snow. Could we help? Thanks to the firefighter neighbor next door we pulled  her car free.

I believe that the Covid pandemic provides an opportunity to grow in our faith and trust in God. Do we take advantage of these times to demonstrate God’s goodness through unexpected acts of kindness? Luke 10:27 comes to mind in the parable of the Good Samaritan, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Currently, our planet is experiencing an invisible invasion, but one that is very real with untold consequences for countless lives affected. The battle seems insurmountable, but it will be won, step by step, day by day. Compassion and acts of kindness are what will get us through these uncertain times. I hope this piece of poetry I wrote gives you encouragement.

Wishing you peace, hope and love!