Available Fall 2022


By Award-Winning Author Jen M. Hughes

The fire gained momentum as howling winds and sheets of red-hot embers barreled up the vertical canyon.”

Noah’s heart thumped wildly. His mind raced as he scanned for any open space to deploy his fire shelter. Finding a slight depression on the forest floor, he yanked his shelter out of the pack and wrestled inside…waiting.” Meanwhile Ashley Smith, a busy mom and NICU nurse struggles as her husband, Noah, is gone for sudden lengthy stretches during fire season. His dangerous job, the unbearable stress it creates, and their increased time apart, tears at the foundation of their relationship. An unexpected encounter with a former flame causes Ashley to face both her own flawed self-identity and what is truth. Forced to her knees before God, she must learn who she is, if she’s to keep her marriage from crumbling. Will their love weather the firestorm?

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Ready to dive into Weathering the Firestorm? Jen is truly excited to share this with you. Click here for a snippet of book one of the Firestorm series.



Jen M. Hughes

Jen M. Hughes is an award-winning author who invites readers to escape into adventure with words of faith, love, and hope. Her novels are geared towards those who relish contemporary romance and suspense.
The Firestorm series is a new life-changing love story inspired by her pediatric nursing background, and her husband’s career as a professional firefighter. When she’s not writing, Jen loves to dabble in acrylic and watercolor painting that is influenced by the beauty of nature.

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